New Phone...

I must confess that I've been lazy... ok, not so much, I was a tiny bit busy on Saturday, and I wasn't home yesterday night... so, no blogging... Soooo, here's post eleven! (yes, eleven posts in 15 days... not so bad if you ask me)...

There isn't much to tell, I've had a very uneventful couple of days and the only interesting thing that happened was that I got my new phone! :D I killed my Motorola Razr V3 by accidentally dropping it into the toilet... and had been using a very old and very boring phone... But was given the chance of getting a Plan and getting a new phone, and as you can guess, I just couldn't say no... So, now I'm the proud owner of a Motorola Rizr Z3 (I know it only seems like I change a couple of letters... :-p). It's blue and sooo pretty (I'm not really sure about the color, but hey, it was free!)

Honestly I wasn't really sure about this phone, but I must say that so far so good! I love the 2 megapixels camera and the fact that it has a music player, at least that way I don't have to carry my Ipod everywhere putting it's life at risk!

There a couple of things that I don't like though.

Since it's a slider phone, you have to decide whether you want to close the applications or whatever it is you are doing when you close it or not... I do think that making it close whatever I'm doing is the way to go, but if I'm using the music player, I don't want it to shut down when I close the phone.

And also why can't I minimize the player and do other stuff with the phone? I really do hate that! I feel that the music player is completely useless and that playing it from the multimedia menu is better, but then, all the other sounds that come with the phone will play and no one wants that!

Ok, maybe I'm not such a big fan of the music player... But I'm loving the phone... Oh and the headphones are great!


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