Down to #32

I was just checking the ranking of the New7Wonders and now the Rio Platano Biosphere is on number 32!!! Until a couple of days ago we were still on position 30...
I know there´s still plenty of time, but it´s not a good thing that we are getting sooo behind...
Come on people, Vote! I can assure you that it´s a beautiful place! That REALLY deserves to win!

Finished Booties!

Just a tiny update on the whole knitting business... :D I started the hat, but wasn't too pleased with the size so I frogged it... and got myself to make the booties, and this is what I came up with...

Hopefully, I'll start the hat sometime tomorrow and get it finished in time...

Knitting for babies...

After my uncle apparently thought that I was pregnant because of the blouse I was wearing today, I´m backing up his image by knitting a baby hat and booties... Not for me obviously, but for my dad´s sister, she had a baby girl last week and we are going to meet her this weekend. It seems like the perfect excuse to knit a little... I do have a bunch of wips (Work In Progress) but I need something small... you know, some instant gratification... :D

This are the patterns that I´ll be using:
-Carissa´s Preemie Hats (Eyelet and/or 2x2 rib version)
-April´s Knit Mary Jane Booties or Saartjes Booties (the Bockstar Way)

They look so adorable and I think they´ll look pretty together, knitted in the same yarn... So, pictures soon...

Not much new...

Hey guys! I'm sorry I've been missing this last few days... But I'm ending the term at school and things have really been hectic...

The documentary is almost finished... all that was left to do was put some details, like the name of the documentary and some guys name that they forgot to put... but apart from that everything was done! :D Sadly they put my name on the credits as writer of the text for it, and I'm quite against it... I would have preferred if they've said something like "editor" or something... because what I really did was edit the text while they were recording the off (what you hear while looking at different images), but at this point there isn't much that I can do...
Apart from that, there isn't much going on...

Waiting to finally finish this term and getting a couple of weeks off... I can't wait! I really want to cook... Cookies and or something like that... but I'm sooooo slow when I cook that I need time to spend all the time I want cooking... I really want to make Carrot Cake... But I need to find some decent recipe, cause I've never made one... Any pointers?

Oh and lastly, my knees are almost as good as new! :D All the pain was totally worth it, they are not entirely fixed but they look sooo much better now! And soon they'll be back to normal... :D

Contact me

Wanna get in touch with me? Have something to say? Or just want to say hi? Send me a message :D

Bracelets and rings and thingies....

Before writing my posts invasion I spend a very long time doing my daily share of window shopping at Etsy... I have to accept the fact that I am madly in love with Etsy, it's like craftster's heaven! So many pretty things!!! Today I spend all afternoon watching rings! All sizes and colors and materials, there's a tiny teacup that's calling out for me to get it... It's so adorable...
And also the sweetest swarovski crystals' ring that the seller calls a
Finger Necklace!!!!

And I was planning on going to bed, but I was giving a last check on my Google Reader and saw this really easy bracelet on FutureGirl's Blog... :D I am sooo tempted of buying some pretty lace tomorrow and a pretty button... and make one, or a bunch... :D
Damn, I can't! I need to go to get my tests done, and my wounds cleaned and need to see how the documentary is going... but I will make it! Maybe add some tiny beads here and there to make it look more pretty...

Now I'm off to bed... I just saw the bracelet and wanted to post the tutorials link... it looks sooo feminine... It's such a nice touch, spending almost nothing and barely doing anything!

Get a virtual closet!

This is such a cool idea, that I couldn't let it pass! :D , A Virtual Closet were you can store the clothes you own and mix them to see how they look together or match the stuff you own with stuff you are considering on buying!

Or, like they say in their site, you can check out what's in your friends closet and help them pick their outfit for that hot date. Or even better, to see how that cool shirt she owns would look with your skirt...

Come on! The possibilities are endless...

You can add stuff, either of clothing you've bought from an online store or take your own pictures and upload them in your account....And you can add your virtual closet to your blog or to your MySpace page and your friends can actually comment you (or criticize) your different outfits, or help you decide what to wear (not in MySpace sadly…)

And as if the whole outfit mixing wasn’t enough, their staff invites you to play Mario Kart and GTA4 against them on your wii! (Lovely job they have!)

So overall I’m loving the site and hopefully after I finish this term at school, I’d get the time to play a little with ClosetMix and upload some of my clothes and do a more advance type of window shopping! :-p

Here's their Press Release, maybe they can explain it better than I did...
Visit To Make Virtual Outfits
A Clothing Revolution: Raid Your Friend’s Closet…Without Asking

Boston, MA, May 15 2008 - The Internet’s only virtual dressing room has just been launched at It is a free service that enables users to make virtual outfits with their clothes and also create outfits using clothing from their friends’ closet, up and coming fashion designers and even their favorite clothing stores such as Old Navy, American Eagle Outfitters, G-Unit, Charlotte Russe, Delia's and more - all with just a click of a mouse. With currently over 750,000 outfit possibilities, trying on clothes has never been more fun!

A Global Dressing Room At Your Fingertips

This groundbreaking system gives users the control to virtually “try on” clothes. Users are able to switch tops and bottoms and mix them with all other clothes on the site, including their own, giving them endless outfit possibilities. You can now get in and out of stores faster by printing the outfit that you found on and bringing it with you on your next shopping trip. Less searching and more buying!

Getting Dressed Has Never Been Easier

Once users add the clothes from their own closet to ClosetMix the fun begins. Users can have their outfits rated by people all over the world – so they know what looks best before stepping out of the house. No more spending hours of pulling apart your closet trying to find the perfect outfit!

Dress Up MySpace

With two types of embedding options, ClosetMix is ready to be shared. You can embed any single outfit on your MySpace page or if you have your own website/blog you can use the interactive embed option to allow people on your website to mix n’ match clothes!

Learn More About

You do not need to add your clothes to experience – feel free to just try on other clothes. To learn more about ClosetMix, please visit


Press Contacts:

Ian Anderson
(617) 418-4512

Amy Turgeon
(617) 418-4512
Obviously Sponsored by

To San Lorenzo and back again...

I've been missing for the last few days cause I had to go on trip for my Periodismo Televisivo II(TV Journalism) class. We have to make a documentary on San Lorenzo, a town in south of Honduras.

San Lorenzo is the bigger city in the departamento of Valle, where you can find the port of Henecan, Honduras port in the pacific.

I left on Friday and came back until Sunday, sadly enough I had a bit of an accident as I was walking into the Mercado Municipal and REALLY hurt my knees... I planned on going out on Saturday night for dinner and after the whole mess I decided not to, it was hard enough to climb the stairs to my hotel room... And now today I had to go to the school's clinic cause they weren't looking any better... It was a good thing that I did, well... not that good... apparently they were infected and they had to clean it ALL! And man, did that hurt!!!! But that was just what I needed! It looks soooo much better now, sadly tomorrow I need to get it cleaned again...

Here are some pictures of the trip, hopefully I can get the documentary video once we finish the edition... It's in spanish, and I probably won't be in any of the shots as it was planned but still... :-p

New7Wonders....Number 28?

I thought I should see how well the Platano River was doing after the minor setback we had last month... and now we are in 28th position!!!!! Why?!
Being out of the competition for three days made us go from 20 to 26, and now, we are in 28!

So, come on people vote! Even if you are not Honduran... :-p We need all the help we can get!

To blog or not to blog?

Lately, I've been working a little in the blog's backstage, nothing really important, just analizing a bit of the data that I've been getting.... I've realized that a "worked" blog is not as simple as an improvised one... Analizing all these data, and keywords and trying to figure out what widgets and things work... and which ones don't... it's a bit annoying...

But I do like all the work it involves... I guess it has to do with the sense of pride you get...
A blog might not be the most important thing in the world... and many people would still ask me "What's a blog?"(Yeah, they do ask me that.... even owning a laptop with wifi....) but I think it's a good way to vent, or comment on subjects that some people might be curious about, but they've never dared to ask... Like my brother today, asking me about the Cinco de Mayo post....

I still remember when I started to hear about blogs a couple of years ago... it seemed to me like this really silly idea... I mean, why would people read what you have to say... there's much more interesting things to do online... but hey, it could turn out that what you have to say, actually makes sense for someone on the other side of the world.... or maybe it doesn't, but they find it entertaining, silly, or just annoying...

As a journalism student, I think it's a good way to pretend to be one... and also practice my english a bit more (yes, even more!)

I'm still wondering who's reading this blog... I know of a couple of people that check it regularly but there are a few regulars that I have no idea who they are, how they got here, and why they come back...
Leave a comment or just a hi!... I'm eager to hear from you...

Cinco de Mayo?

Mmmmmmm, this is probably the one holiday that really intrigues me... We (Hondurans) have nothing to do with it... but ever since I started watching American television, I´ve wondered what´s with the gringos?
As far as I´ve always understood, Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday... So, what does Americans have to do with it?

For starters, I had no idea what they were celebrating, it all seemed to me like Salsa´s(Sauce, not the rhythm) International Day, Tacos Holiday (when tacos were serve on a all-you-can-eat style) or something of that sort :-P

I know, I know! Silly me... But learning english and trying to comprehend why they pretended to be mexicans for one day was too much for me back then....

According to Wikipedia: "The date is perhaps best recognized in the United States as a date to celebrate the culture and experiences of Americans with Mexican Ancestry".

Ironically enough, In Mexico this holiday is only celebrated in Puebla, as is not an obligated federal holiday. And what it really celebrates is the Battle of Puebla (1862) where the Mexican army defeated French Forces that wanted to invade Mexico.

Ok, you gotta give them some credit... it´s nice that they acknowledge the importance of Mexican people in their own culture... and it´s also a good excuse to party... :-P

*I know that the word Americans sounds quite broad, but I must clarify that I´m not trying to generalize as every person is different. Also, the word gringo is not meant as an insult in any way, so please do not feel insulted by it*

May 1rst: Labour Day

So, May 1st was Labour day and as an aspiring Journalist I had to go take pictures for my Graphic Journalism class (Periodismo Gráfico).

Labour day is "is the commemoration of the Haymarket Massacre in Chicago in 1886, when Chicago police fired on workers during a general strike for the eight hour day, killing a dozen demonstrators".

I´ve always had this preconceived notion of the May 1rst Protest... mainly that it was a really dangerous mess... It was exactly the opposite... It actually seemed like a celebration; with people demanding things but still a celebration :-p

The march started at 8 am, from the Barrio La Granja in Tegucigalpa (Capital City of Honduras) to the Central Park, passing right in front of the National Congress were the fiscales (public prosecutors, I guess...) have been protesting for over three weeks. They began a hunger strike on april 6th "in response to failed negotiations and requests regarding corruption cases". Article on Prosecutor´s Strike.

The labor union workers then arrived at the Central Park, and after all the groups and associations arrived they had an act in memory of Altagracia Fuentes, Secretary of the Confederacion de Trabajadores de Honduras (Confederation of Workers of Honduras) who was killed a couple of weeks ago.

Overall, the event was nice and I really enjoyed being a part of it, not just another person locked in my house watching it evolve on television. And another thing I liked was the fact that I could take pictures of nice spots of Tegucigalpa I could have never taken pictures of out of fear of being robbed... Like the Cathedral and the National Museum... But those will be used in future posts :-p

Make money blogging?

Well, today I finally got approved in PayPerPost! :D

I've been annoyed to no end by someone who kept telling me that I can actually get money by blogging and well, I finally decided to give it a try...

For some reason, I really like PayPerPost, maybe it has to do with all the colors, I'm a sucker for nice color schemes... And maybe it's also because I like the fact that I can actually decide what I write and when I do it. So I won't be forced to write about things I don't like or that have nothing to do with my blog... Unless I want to get lots and lots of money and just kill the blog…….

I’m guessing all (yes, all sounds like a lot! A girl can have big dreams!) the money I make in this venture will be used in getting those things I want to buy online and that I can’t get because my debit card is, almost, all the time on the verge of dying. I’m an amazing window-shopper….

Come on, the internet is the perfect mall! No walking, and you can see anything you want with just a couple of clicks… Like a dvd set that’s just begging me to buy it…;-)

So hopefully I’ll get at least enough to get it… I promise I won’t be annoying and kill the blog with a million sponsored posts… (And yes, I know you’ve noticed the several weird ads on the sidebar, but that’s just me trying out different things… I’m not planning in making this blog an ad showcase with barely enough unique content to keep the ads… Don’t you just hate those blogs?)