Get a virtual closet!

This is such a cool idea, that I couldn't let it pass! :D , A Virtual Closet were you can store the clothes you own and mix them to see how they look together or match the stuff you own with stuff you are considering on buying!

Or, like they say in their site, you can check out what's in your friends closet and help them pick their outfit for that hot date. Or even better, to see how that cool shirt she owns would look with your skirt...

Come on! The possibilities are endless...

You can add stuff, either of clothing you've bought from an online store or take your own pictures and upload them in your account....And you can add your virtual closet to your blog or to your MySpace page and your friends can actually comment you (or criticize) your different outfits, or help you decide what to wear (not in MySpace sadly…)

And as if the whole outfit mixing wasn’t enough, their staff invites you to play Mario Kart and GTA4 against them on your wii! (Lovely job they have!)

So overall I’m loving the site and hopefully after I finish this term at school, I’d get the time to play a little with ClosetMix and upload some of my clothes and do a more advance type of window shopping! :-p

Here's their Press Release, maybe they can explain it better than I did...
Visit To Make Virtual Outfits
A Clothing Revolution: Raid Your Friend’s Closet…Without Asking

Boston, MA, May 15 2008 - The Internet’s only virtual dressing room has just been launched at It is a free service that enables users to make virtual outfits with their clothes and also create outfits using clothing from their friends’ closet, up and coming fashion designers and even their favorite clothing stores such as Old Navy, American Eagle Outfitters, G-Unit, Charlotte Russe, Delia's and more - all with just a click of a mouse. With currently over 750,000 outfit possibilities, trying on clothes has never been more fun!

A Global Dressing Room At Your Fingertips

This groundbreaking system gives users the control to virtually “try on” clothes. Users are able to switch tops and bottoms and mix them with all other clothes on the site, including their own, giving them endless outfit possibilities. You can now get in and out of stores faster by printing the outfit that you found on and bringing it with you on your next shopping trip. Less searching and more buying!

Getting Dressed Has Never Been Easier

Once users add the clothes from their own closet to ClosetMix the fun begins. Users can have their outfits rated by people all over the world – so they know what looks best before stepping out of the house. No more spending hours of pulling apart your closet trying to find the perfect outfit!

Dress Up MySpace

With two types of embedding options, ClosetMix is ready to be shared. You can embed any single outfit on your MySpace page or if you have your own website/blog you can use the interactive embed option to allow people on your website to mix n’ match clothes!

Learn More About

You do not need to add your clothes to experience – feel free to just try on other clothes. To learn more about ClosetMix, please visit


Press Contacts:

Ian Anderson
(617) 418-4512

Amy Turgeon
(617) 418-4512
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