Knitting for babies...

After my uncle apparently thought that I was pregnant because of the blouse I was wearing today, I´m backing up his image by knitting a baby hat and booties... Not for me obviously, but for my dad´s sister, she had a baby girl last week and we are going to meet her this weekend. It seems like the perfect excuse to knit a little... I do have a bunch of wips (Work In Progress) but I need something small... you know, some instant gratification... :D

This are the patterns that I´ll be using:
-Carissa´s Preemie Hats (Eyelet and/or 2x2 rib version)
-April´s Knit Mary Jane Booties or Saartjes Booties (the Bockstar Way)

They look so adorable and I think they´ll look pretty together, knitted in the same yarn... So, pictures soon...


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