Make money blogging?

Well, today I finally got approved in PayPerPost! :D

I've been annoyed to no end by someone who kept telling me that I can actually get money by blogging and well, I finally decided to give it a try...

For some reason, I really like PayPerPost, maybe it has to do with all the colors, I'm a sucker for nice color schemes... And maybe it's also because I like the fact that I can actually decide what I write and when I do it. So I won't be forced to write about things I don't like or that have nothing to do with my blog... Unless I want to get lots and lots of money and just kill the blog…….

I’m guessing all (yes, all sounds like a lot! A girl can have big dreams!) the money I make in this venture will be used in getting those things I want to buy online and that I can’t get because my debit card is, almost, all the time on the verge of dying. I’m an amazing window-shopper….

Come on, the internet is the perfect mall! No walking, and you can see anything you want with just a couple of clicks… Like a dvd set that’s just begging me to buy it…;-)

So hopefully I’ll get at least enough to get it… I promise I won’t be annoying and kill the blog with a million sponsored posts… (And yes, I know you’ve noticed the several weird ads on the sidebar, but that’s just me trying out different things… I’m not planning in making this blog an ad showcase with barely enough unique content to keep the ads… Don’t you just hate those blogs?)


The Store Manager said...
May 3, 2008 at 2:31 PM

Congratulations darling!

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