May 1rst: Labour Day

So, May 1st was Labour day and as an aspiring Journalist I had to go take pictures for my Graphic Journalism class (Periodismo Gráfico).

Labour day is "is the commemoration of the Haymarket Massacre in Chicago in 1886, when Chicago police fired on workers during a general strike for the eight hour day, killing a dozen demonstrators".

I´ve always had this preconceived notion of the May 1rst Protest... mainly that it was a really dangerous mess... It was exactly the opposite... It actually seemed like a celebration; with people demanding things but still a celebration :-p

The march started at 8 am, from the Barrio La Granja in Tegucigalpa (Capital City of Honduras) to the Central Park, passing right in front of the National Congress were the fiscales (public prosecutors, I guess...) have been protesting for over three weeks. They began a hunger strike on april 6th "in response to failed negotiations and requests regarding corruption cases". Article on Prosecutor´s Strike.

The labor union workers then arrived at the Central Park, and after all the groups and associations arrived they had an act in memory of Altagracia Fuentes, Secretary of the Confederacion de Trabajadores de Honduras (Confederation of Workers of Honduras) who was killed a couple of weeks ago.

Overall, the event was nice and I really enjoyed being a part of it, not just another person locked in my house watching it evolve on television. And another thing I liked was the fact that I could take pictures of nice spots of Tegucigalpa I could have never taken pictures of out of fear of being robbed... Like the Cathedral and the National Museum... But those will be used in future posts :-p


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