To San Lorenzo and back again...

I've been missing for the last few days cause I had to go on trip for my Periodismo Televisivo II(TV Journalism) class. We have to make a documentary on San Lorenzo, a town in south of Honduras.

San Lorenzo is the bigger city in the departamento of Valle, where you can find the port of Henecan, Honduras port in the pacific.

I left on Friday and came back until Sunday, sadly enough I had a bit of an accident as I was walking into the Mercado Municipal and REALLY hurt my knees... I planned on going out on Saturday night for dinner and after the whole mess I decided not to, it was hard enough to climb the stairs to my hotel room... And now today I had to go to the school's clinic cause they weren't looking any better... It was a good thing that I did, well... not that good... apparently they were infected and they had to clean it ALL! And man, did that hurt!!!! But that was just what I needed! It looks soooo much better now, sadly tomorrow I need to get it cleaned again...

Here are some pictures of the trip, hopefully I can get the documentary video once we finish the edition... It's in spanish, and I probably won't be in any of the shots as it was planned but still... :-p


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