What to do with a huge pink knitted rectangle?

Well, the hat (as expected) came out GIGANTIC! I could fit my head in it twice! Ok, ok, maybe not that much, but it's close!

So, I decided to do something with it, after all, I did have a quite big rectangle... and when I say big, I do mean BIG! Something like 14"x 9". Just imagine that the hat's diameter is 28" and I had cast on for 21" (WTF! What did I do wrong!?) I'm guessing I'm crappy at getting my gauge right!

So, I had this huge pink thing...

What to do? What to do?

So, I created a chart (something like that) and made up some sort of pattern... I picked up some stitches(38 to be exact) and created a flap... and now my gigantic hat, became a handbag! :-D
It actually looks pretty...
I still have to make a strap and I'm planning on lining it... I think it's going to come out great!

Who said I wasted my time knitting a weird looking hat? (Ok, maybe I did... but hey, I feel soooo great because I fixed it...)


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