My sister-in-law's new glasses

Yes, my brother has a new girlfriend (whom I do like! I swear!) and lately she´s been mentioning that she´s getting a new pair of glasses, but she has to wait for a long time, cause she´s getting done at a public hospital...
Glasses conversations always lead to me wanting, nearly dreaming I needed them! I know, silly! I don´t need glasses, no matter how many times I´ve gotten my eyes checked, they are perfect, and yes, I am proud of it, but the thing is, with some many adorable frames I just can´t help myself from wanting a bunch of them...
Like this pair!

I just have to have them! has so many pretty frames.
And come on, with frames from $8 in so many pretty styles I just can´t stop drooling... Had I seen this site earlier (and had my brother started dating the girl a few days earlier) I would have totally send her there! (Oh, and the shipping is great! Less than $5 for as many glasses as your heart desires!)

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