Toncontin is back!

Well, finally some light in this mess!
Just a few minutes ago the President's Private Secretary, Raul Valladares announced that, 36 days after the accident, Toncontin will finally be reopened!

This week, some of the pressure groups that have been involved called out to the citizens of Tegucigalpa to protest against the closure by stopping their cars for five minutes at 10 am and 3 pm.

Taken from La Tribuna

And finally last night, in a news show, the transcript from the flight 390 black box was presented and it apparently demonstrated that the pilot and copilot underestimated the warnings from the air traffic control tower...releasing the airport from blame.

But still after that, the president seemed unwilling to give up. Earlier today he went to the American Embassy's 4th of July Celebration and apparently continued with his position of keeping it closed to Type C and D flights.

At first my mom told me that Mel Zelaya had decided to keep the airport closed and that was his last word, and that was what the Secretary was saying... and since I got too late to her room I couldn't hear what he said. But we changed channels and they were screaming (yes, really!), saying that the airport was finally opened... but until Palmerola was ready, after that it would be closed for C and D flights. But they have to have both the new airport and the new road to Comayagua ready, not just the airport. Which for me, makes all the sense in the world...

I'm so glad that he finally stopped being stubborn. I was getting worried about my grandmother returning from the States... We would have been forced to go pick her up to San Pedro Sula and that was going to be, not-less-than 1,500 lempiras (about $80. Ok, maybe that doesn't sound like much, but it's a ridiculous expense when we live 2 miles away from Toncontin.)


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