What I'm trying not to learn

Every so often you have a class that makes you wonder, why do I bother?
We've all had those... I've had a few... And I do think that one of the ones that I'm taking this term can be counted as the worse... Or at least it gets into that dreaded Top Five (or is it Bottom Five?) of really bad courses you've taken in order to get a piece of paper that says you are someone....

School isn't always exciting and it actually turns a bit depressant when your Ethics teacher keeps telling you that you can't change the way the world operates nowadays...

How is it possible that he can say that you just can't afford to be ethical?!?!?! I think this is what I'm finding harder to understand!! How an Ethics teacher can tell you that the Journalism is already bad enough and that you can't make anything to change it?

I understand that in Honduran Journalism are plenty of thieves, and people that make the whole profession look like the worst vermin in the world! (If you are Honduran, or have ever been here, paste name here __________________ .)
But I do believe that his position should be to encourage us to change the image that Honduran Journalism has, and try to make it better, not to bluntly crash our dreams (or at least mine), telling us that all we can do is go with the flow and see silently how the whole country goes to hell just for a few bucks!

As if going to a 2 hour class just for this and to hear my classmates try to explain what he should be explaining, wasn't enough... and I say try because he won't let them, interrupting them every two seconds with stupid questions, silly jokes and stories of countless times when a journalist has received money to keep his/her mouth shut.

But I guess he has his reasons, Why go against the whole system? Why try to fight what is already deeply rooted in the national media? Is it all worth it to have a clean conscience? But hey, at least he always makes it clear that he has never taken money from anyone... I guess it's good to discourage us... Who are, after all, the future of the profession...


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