Not much has happened around here lately, hence the lack of blogging...
Week two of school wasn't all that entertaining (neither was week one for that matter...)
School has started slow... mostly because of, the usual, problems with the school union workers... but they seeem to be temporarely fine... week two started until wednesday because we had two days off (Independence day on the 15th and Teacher's day on the 17th, but they moved it so we could have a long weekend...
Given the time, I tried to work on my Hat-attack weapon, but that didn't work all too well, I've had to frog the hat twice... I am sooooooooo getting killed!
Also, I got a new phone! :D (yes, another one!!)

A Nokia 5610... what a lovely phone... I can actually say I love this phone, not that the motorola z3 was that bad, but this one is great! It has radio, a 3.2mp camera with flash and autofocus, and music dedicated thingies... :D

Also, I have something big to talk about, but that requires a whole different post... and some tweeking anyway... Hopefully, tomorrow I can get it all ready... :D There's a hint on my Twitter widget... and proof on the sidebar :-p


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