Betting on Oscar night!

Soooooo, I was just challenged by a friend and I couldn't help myself... :-p

Oscars night is one of my favorite nights of the year... I lock myself in my room and enjoy the show...

I really can't wait to see if Heath Ledger wins the the Best Actor in a Supporting Role... no, wait... I can't wait to see him win it actually, because I know that he's going to win :-p

And there lies the challenge :-p Eduardo (my friend, in case you didn't figure it out :-p ) says he won't win, because according to him, he doesn't deserve it... and I am certain that he will win... so, when he loses he'll invite me to eat a very delicious Big Baleada (I can't believe I haven't talked about it here!!!) and it will taste even better, because the taste of victory is sooooooo good! :-p

Yes, I am excited... is it that obvious?

Now, I have to go... I need to prepare my ballot :-p I already got my predictions on the very cool thing they have at

Eta. Ballot is all set! :D


Ale said...
February 25, 2009 at 5:36 PM

Test comment... Apparently there's something funky about this thing.... :-p

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