Etsy... so cool!

Ok, yes, I love Etsy! With a love that is more than love! :-p

I've made 4 sales since October(ok, not that good... but could be worse) and I've done lots of window shopping... Too much to be good for me... My favorites list is just too big!

But lately I've been using other features and I love it even more... I've made a couple of
treasuries, they are great!!! :D And I would love to make a million more if it wasn't so damn hard to get one in the first place...

But one of the things I really love, is the Virtual Labs! Chats, workshops, Shop critiques and even concerts and in such amazing places! :D

I attended the critiques today, didn't get one but I stayed afterwards chatting with
a guy that sells buttons and magnets (RyanPlz).... God, I think we played with every thing you can use in the rooms! We jumped from seat to seat, spinned like crazy, spanked forgotten avatars and were attacked by the gigantic drooling smiley... so much fun!

Etsy, for me, is not only great because of the posibility of selling handmade thingies online but also because of their great interest in the sellers...

The Storque is a huge Etsy Database and you find so many interesting things there to help you be a better seller and the labs are just amazing! Etsy is, by far, the best handmade marketplace there is...

So, you knitters, crocheters, beaders, jewelerers, artists, even Sharpie doodlers(*) give you craft a chance!

(*)Yes, sharpie doodlers! If you don't believe me check out Rosie O'Donnell's Etsy Shop (Yes, THE Rosie O'Donnell). She sells doodled Munnys and the proceeds go to "Rosie's Broadway Kids"


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