Building a house

Last week was pretty uneventful and there wasn't much to report, so I just didn't :-p
But then on tuesday, my friend Angel asked me to help him to make a mode of an egyptian house... with polymer clay! :-p

Yup, I was sold the moment he mentioned the clay.

I thought it was going to be fairly easy, since I do play a lot with clay... but it took us a while to get actually started... First the store (yup, the one that I found on my birthday) was closed and we had to wait. Then, my car decided to get sick that day :-p so I had to take it to the shop and when we got home after we had lunch we had to condition the clay.... damn, that was hard... not that I did that, but poor Angel...

He bought 4 packs of clay and he spent hours conditionioning it while I made dessert for dinner (it was father's day here that day), but when I got finished with dessert everything was ready to start working... I don't own a pasta machine or anything to roll the clay and given the fact that we had to roll large amounts of clay I ended up using a huge bottle of heineken as a roller (from my brothers' collection of empty bottles :-p)

All in all, it was lots of fun! :D Angel had a blast mixing different colors, when he found out what happened when he did that he couldn't stop. We had two different mixes and only the floor ended up being of one color... It took a very long time to "finish" but it came out quite close to what he wanted, I know he added stuff to it in his house but the harder work was done when he left... (I hope :-p)

Here are some pics of our day... not of the finished thing, because they were so hard to take, they were useless...


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