Sea Horsey, another testing project...

I offered to help test another pattern on Ravelry last week, an Sea Horse amigurumi, but I totally forgot about it since I spent all week working on my cup cozy pattern...

To be honest, I never expected my pattern to be so much work... I had to change the sock monkey's lips and ears from crocheting to knitting and then reknit it to see if everything was fine and then creating the pdf, I totally lost track of time on saturday and went to bed at 5 am just to find out that the pattern that I uploaded to Ravelry was huge and took hours to download :-p

So I remembered about the amigurumi I had to crochet until saturday, the day I was supposed to contact the designer :-p

So I got to work at full speed and crocheted almost all of it in a few hours, it wasn't really that hard, but crochet is not my thing... and amigurumis are annoying with all the tiny pieces... so I finished it until sunday, after emailing the designer, all I had left to do were a few details and the photos... Sea horsey came out really cute, and was inmediatly kidnapped by my cousin, right after I took the photos, and now responds to another name :-P

ETA. To add the sea horse pattern... It's available on the designer's Etsy store for $3


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