Honduras: Democracy at stake

I'm guessing that, by now, many of you have heard/read about the situation in Honduras, not the best way to be known but I guess the only one to be finally under the radar.

Whenever I mention, online, where I come from, people asks where Honduras is located, and they get even more confused when I mention Central America. My country is tiny, poor and has been battling against a leader that wanted to remain in the power by all means.

I could attemp to list all that has happened in the last week but I don't think I could be as accurate and clear as Mary Anastacia O'Grady from the Wall Street Journal. Her article, Honduras defends its democracy, is by far the best and more honest recolection of the events that have been going on here.

Before clicking on the link just let me tell you that it wasn't a coup d'etat. It was the people defending the democracy and fighting against a man that had systematically destroyed our country.

And just to make things clear, I voted for him. I'm one of the many he fooled and I'm actually heartbroken at the way this ended. When he was elected I had great hopes for my country, I figured it would be a fresh start, but I was so wrong. Little by little he started to show his true intentions and I was left feeling guilty by having supported him in the first place.

What concerns me the most is that the international community seems blinded by Zelaya's declarations and the voices of the people seem muffled under the great load of articles supporting him. I find hard to believe that the world can't see the obvious support of Chavez to our, now former president. The threats that Chavez has issued should be enough proof of the ilegality of Zelaya's intentions.

My only hope is that the international community will finally see the truth behind the lies they are being told, and that they will begin to listen the screams of a country that wants to be free and democratic and not fall in the hands of tyrans.

I was on Etsy´s Front Page!!!!!!!!!

I never ever check the Featured tab from CraftCult because I´m never there :-p and I don´t mind, but I did today, because I was bored... and OMG!!! I was on Etsy´s Front Page last night! I can´t believe it!

Telling you that I´m almost jumping all around my room might be an understatement... I´m so excited!!!! And even more exciting is the fact that the item got sold :D This is my third sale in two weeks! :D After 6 very long months of nothing, it´s finally working! I can't tell you how happy I am...

Here, have a look at George looking all happy and excited on Etsy's Front Page:

My first Etsy Front Page