Getting back on track!


It's been forever since I last made jewelry and I'm really trying to get back on track and make pretty things while ruining my nails xD So I was going around some online stores to stare at pretty pretty beads and daydream about them.
Beads are one of my guilty pleasures, along with yarn and books and netbooks... and ebook readers and Robbie Williams... Ok! I have many guilty pleasures! But only the bead related one actully pays off :-p Though George wasn't doing so bad last time I checked.
But going back to the beads and the jewelry making thing... I don't really NEED new beads, but staring at them is so good! And even daydreaming about buying them...
Because, to be honest I do all the math about stuff like this... How much do they cost, how much would it cost me to get them sent and then fantasize of being sitting in my bed, with a gazillion of beads to choose from, just working and working endlessly in pretty pretty really pretty jewelry...
*Sigh* I know it's too much but it's hard not to do it when you find a good store with almost endless kinds of beads like it happened today at Beads Of Cambay I got lost there and just spent hours staring, calculating, planning, and even analizing what I would have to sell in order to get a new stash of beads...
I got sent here from a Social Spark opp (How's this for full disclosure? xD) but I got caught up by it! So this review is completely honest... I did spent hours staring, wanting... No wait... Needing new beads!
The site was new to me, and I can't believe it, it's so amazing! I guess I should start expanding my supplies horizons, because I'm totally missing out! They sell Wholesale Beads & Gemstones and it's wholesale pricing that makes it even more exciting to me. I mean, the cheaper the better huh? ;)
And shipping seems great! That's hard to find since I'm buying from Honduras, but they do offer international shipping and free shipping in the States, I think i should start looking for someone who's coming to Honduras anytime soon! :D